01.13.11 New Year, New Direction?

Given how brand conscious all of us are personally and with the organizations we work for, my wish for all of you is to be clear…crystal clear (thanks Jack Nicholson) with regard to where you and your organization are going this year. January is a great month to look in the mirror and honestly declare […]

12.19.10 Business travel recovering

See article below.  Good news for my travel clients, and a hopeful sign that the economic recovery is starting to show some measurable results.  Corporate travel is hugely important to the travel industry, filling mid-week room nights while leisure travel fills the weekends.  When the market dropped, companies severely reduced their corporate travel budgets, negatively […]

12.14.10 Hiring Innovators

INNOVATOR: a person or an organization who is one of the first to do something and often opens up a new area for others and achieves an innovation. We all want to work with, and for, innovators.  But how can you tell that you are hiring a person with an innovative mind? Read the following […]


12.08.10 Do You Know Your Nelson Mandela?

Mission statements.  Credos.  Statements of purpose.  All of these are tools used by corporations to define why they do what they do.  But as a recent Harvard Business Review article notes, none of it matters if it doesn’t resonate with your intended audience.  The author asks what one thinks of when they consider Nelson Mandela. […]


11.30.10 Service Matters

I travel a lot.  And I am always impressed with good service.  It is something to which I pay attention and I can spot it a mile away. Apparently, so can Jim Bush at Forbes.com.  He posted an interesting look at how service can compel customers to buy more, or pay more, for your services/products […]

11.17.10 Leadership Development: Not Just for High Potentials

Business Week published an article this week regarding leadership development.  The author suggests that investing in upper management training is essential to growing a dynamic workforce and  instilling the company’s vision through the ranks.  Sounds familiar, yes?  It an aspect of what I work on with clients every day. For the article and my posted […]