Prosperous times are coming…will you be ready?

Operating from a place of optimism has benefited my clients greatly. No matter the challenges, success is possible. An essential ingredient is intention and working hard to be prepared, so you’re ready for business and life challenges.

To this end, I partner with my clients based on three core promises. They guide how I tailor leadership and business development training programs.

I Will Comprehend

Working with a client starts when I’ve learned enough about your business to gain the trust of the people I’m training. I study your company’s value proposition, communication voice, beliefs, key tenets of your business model and competitive set. I synthesize your organization’s unique place in the commercial landscape and pinpoint your critical capabilities. It’s important I comprehend what you do, where your company is vulnerable, and the dynamic of your teams.

A core activity I will engage in is gathering input about individuals to understand how they are perceived by peers and managers. This intel creates the foundation upon which we will tailor training programs that address/resolve specific issues and growth opportunities that make a fundamental difference. This is the juice that fuels my work!

I Will Honor

My goal is to establish trust with clients. I encourage them to have an open mind and a willingness to collaborate on determining their development goals to advance their career. This process honors where they are now and where they ideally want to be heading. By operating this way, clients openly express their challenges. It requires that I listen without any bias. This is where trust is built.

We can then quickly get into these issues more deeply and honestly. These aren’t mere speedbumps; they’re significant hard stops. We objectively look at them and determine their cause. We then move forward with a desire to experiment to grow. Regardless of our agenda, discovery is first. This frames each client’s uniqueness, strengths and vision. Our discovery moves mountains.

I Will Challenge

To grow and transform, one must embrace new challenges and avoid complacency.  My goal is to bring you and your teams to a new level of competence, performance and results. We jointly determine what will be required to transform habits that are limiting success. I gather feedback along the way to ensure the plan is being successfully actioned.  My commitment is to create new methods for client/team engagement, leadership, and driving revenue. Each program is bespoke. They’re based on what each client declares is important to them. We operate from the same page in the mutually created playbook.

Those are the promises I make to you and to the teams/individuals I coach. With all my clients, my goal is to build business champions.

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Why Would an Executive Need a Coach?

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