02.02.10 Renewed Perspective

I’ve just returned from a little New Year’s respite quite refreshed but also quite reminded of how memorable and impactful genuine service is.

Cabo San Lucas Mexico is a beautiful place to chill; I discovered it’s also a beautiful place to observe first class service.With so much uncertainty and tension around us at home and globally it was great to be surrounded by people who understand the value of sincere service where your needs are preempted by savvy hosts.

I relaxed within the first day, believe it or not!

I observed that the staff’s esprit de corps never waivered. Every service person from General Manager to sorbet provider had a feeling of pride and fellowship that was immediately contagious.  I thought for several moments how essential this esprit de corps is for us to embody whether we are selling in New York, meeting with bank partners in London or collaborating in Singapore. Have you ever noticed that when you are happy, proud and jazzed about what you are presenting often your listeners become the same way?  it catches on.

I often use the word “alacrity” when coaching executive’s delivery style. Alacrity means brisk, cheerful readiness. There is no substitute for it and you can’t fake it, you gotta mean it, just like the service professionals in Cabo.