Working one-on-one with LexisNexis Executives, Improving Confidence and Leadership

The situation:

LexisNexis CFO Carolyn Ullerick needed a team that exhibited strong leadership, independence and assertiveness. “Overall, I had a capable team. But I needed them to grow to the next level. I knew it could take some time before they would get there, I just didn’t know if they could get there on their own.”

Steve spent several weeks interviewing Ullerick’s team, conducting one-on-one sessions, and videotaping the individuals in different scenarios to determine weak points. He then created individual leadership development plans that would create a shift in how her senior leaders conducted themselves and managed others.

The result:

“Steve has become a true partner to me,” Ullerick says. “He has closed the leadership gaps with each of the executives he has worked with. Steve’s ability to guide people towards self-awareness and then provide them with tools for change has lead to a demonstrable increase in each individual’s ability, enabling me to get the most out of each of them.

Steve’s work has resulted in members of my team being promoted, sought after for new and exciting key roles, and regarded as true high potential employees. They have become the trusted advisors that their current roles demand.  Steve has been equally successful with individuals just starting out as well as seasoned executives. Maybe the best testament to his effectiveness is that individuals who I sponsored to work with Steve in the past are now using him with their own teams!”

American Express Executives Inspired to Excel

The situation:

American Express already had a team of exceptional leaders but needed to raise them to the next level. Lew Taffer, former Senior Vice President, American Express Establishment Services, felt that “it would take an outside perspective to see where areas of development were and to formulate a plan to address them.” He was, however, wary of bringing in someone who had little knowledge of the company’s business and culture.

Steve Giglio allayed those fears. “I was immediately impressed with Steve’s polished, professional demeanor and acute business knowledge,” says Taffer. “He has a keen insight that allows him to quickly and accurately assess a situation, and then address it directly in a manner that puts people at ease but also gets their attention. He opened my eyes to things about my teams I would never have seen.”

The result:

Steve created an action plan based on each individual’s needs that focused their attention on areas of weakness. And the results were immediate. American Express senior managers were more assertive, they had better command of their business segments and were far more effective leaders.

Vanity Fair Executive Gets Quickly Up to Speed on New Team

The situation:

Jason Wagenheim had just joined Vainity Fair and was tasked with managing a complex team of seasoned sales veterans and relatively new associates. He needed to learn as much as he could about his team, understanding where they excelled and what challenges they faced. From there, he could adjust his own style to meet the needs of his team and their clients.

Wagenheim and Steve Giglio worked together to uncover the talents of the Vanity Fair sales team while pinpointing areas needs immediate attention. Steve conducted in-depth interviews of each sales person and provided individual analysis. “Steve gave me such incredible insight into my team. I was quickly able to address key issues that had limited our team’s success.”

The result:

After just three months in his new position, Wagenheim altered his managment style, allowing for more flexibility while also more assertiveness when needed. “The work Steve and I did together made me a stronger manager. Roles and goals are well defined. Standards have been set and are being met consistently. And my team is motivated to learn about our clients in new, innovative ways. Steve’s impact on our success will be long standing.”

Regarding Steve’s style, Wagenheim says, “He always wants you to win and will accept nothing less. He doesn’t coddle people. He provides direct, honest feedback but always in a way that is constructive. And even though his humor is so important to his style, everyone takes him seriously. It’s how he is so remarkably effective.”

Arsenal Capital Defines Company Messaging Through Executive Training

The Situation:

“We needed an outsider to hear how we communicated our company’s core values and help us streamline our brand to be powerfully effective,” says Terry Mullen of Arsenal Capital.

Steve immediately noticed Arsenal’s message was too complex. It needed to be distilled down to the point where it could be easily understood, and it needed to be flexible enough to address diverse audiences. Steve rigorously studied Arsenal’s industry, finding areas where the company’s messaging and the market needs were at odds. He then worked with four top-level executives, tailoring programs to fit the company’s messaging needs and the skill sets of each individual.

The result:

Arsenal Capital now has consistent and concise messaging that can be tailored to any audience. Steve Giglio was able to pinpoint the company’s value proposition and the unique services offered. He created a communication standard that ensures an accurate presentation of the company to investors. The changes he initiated are now used for all communications efforts.