Slowing Down the Opportunity

The great Spanish philosopher/essayist Jose-Ortega y Gasset once said, “Life is fired at us at point-blank range with no time to think.” Too often we allow this tenant to control our client behavior versus SLOWING the process down and injecting humanity into our strategy. I’ll explain: During a meeting with a client who was presenting […]

Get Noticed by Relationship Building

Relationship building should be a constant in your professional life. It certainly is in mine. While I’ve successfully built my leadership development and sales coaching business for many years, I’ve never done any advertising. It’s all been about relationships. Is relationship building a core part of your daily/weekly/annual activities? Perhaps you’re waiting until you “have […]

Mid-Year Reviews: Don’t Count on Your Boss’ Memory

For many organizations, it’s Mid-Year Review time. This should be a time to celebrate your achievements. It is NOT the time to debate them. There is one problem, though…you’re boss is unlikely to remember what you’ve done these past few months. They probably cannot outline your accomplishments accurately, so do it for them! Here’s how… […]

What is a Healthy Debate?

One often hears the term “healthy debate” as a reference to two or more sides getting together to hash out an issue that could escalate into argumentative discourse if not dealt with upfront. Some might believe that a debate in business cannot be healthy at all since it pits people against each other. They’d rather […]

Discover the Purpose Before Setting the Goal

During these times, our zeal to get back to normal and drive business forward is quite important. Goals are set and we create plans that can get us there. But what might get overlooked is the purpose behind the goals. The “why” before the “how.” A recent example demonstrates what I mean. I was introduced […]

Do Unto Others….

You know the rest of this important life lesson. As you develop as a leader, it is mission-critical for you to carry/embody this lesson daily with you. Recently, I was working with an executive and I conducted a 360-degree review that was quite critical. What surfaced from my interviews was that he exhibited a consistent […]