Useful Content

The following is a collection of blog posts, videos and other content curated from the Giglio Co. site to help you as you prepared for different types of encounters: presentation, meetings, new business pitches, etc.

Bookmark this page and use these resources as “cheat sheets” as you do your due-diligence preparation. It will make a difference and give you confidence!

Meeting Check-list

Pre-meeting Check-list (click to download the Word Doc)

Presentation Tips

Five Body Language Tips for Effective Presentations

Presentation Tips: Planning, Controlling, Selling

Avoiding Conversation Killers

The 10 Worst Probing Questions

Fearless Probing Questions

Nine Reasons Presentations Fail

Selling and Closing Tips

The Ten Commandments of Selling

10 Things to Know About Your Clients

It’s Your Meeting…Take Control of It

Top Ten Leadership Mistakes


Networking Tips

Three Effective Networking Tips

Networking Do’s and Don’ts



Planning, Controlling, and Closing a Presentation

Delivering the Value Proposition

Staying the Pain: Drawing Out a Client’s Core Issues