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The following is a collection of blog posts, videos and other content curated from the Giglio Co. site to help you as you prepared for different types of encounters: presentation, meetings, new business pitches, etc.

Bookmark this page and use these resources as “cheat sheets” as you do your due-diligence preparation. It will make a difference and give you confidence!

Meeting Check-list

Pre-meeting Check-list (click to download the Word Doc)

Presentation Tips

Five Body Language Tips for Effective Presentations

Up to 90 percent of communication is judged by one’s physical delivery. If your body language doesn’t align with your spoken content, audiences will remember your delivery style more often than your words.

Over the past thirty years, I’ve discovered five physical actions to avoid when delivering an idea

Avoiding Conversation Killers

We’ve all experienced moments when we said something expecting it would lead to an engaged conversation only to get little, or a negative, reaction. In business, this happens, too, but you can avoid a lot of conversation killers if you know what to avoid. Here are my top recommendations.

The 10 Worst Probing Questions

I’ve already written a blog post about probing questions (click on that link to read it!). But, there are good ones and bad ones. The latter is my focus right now since I’ve heard so many of them lately! So, here are the worst ones:

Fearless Probing Questions

Given the pressures so many of have on producing results it’s important to understand that the pressures we have, our clients have, too. Therefore, to “serve” clients as an adviser, not a vendor, you must probe your clients with intimate questions, NOT peripheral ones.

Nine Reasons Presentations Fail

I’ve heard every excuse in the world for why presentations fail. They are ALL excuses, and not very good ones. Here’s MY list of why most presentations fail.

Selling and Closing Tips

The Ten Commandments of Selling

I’m often asked what are the essential rules of selling. While there are many, here are my Ten Commandments of Selling based on recommendations I’ve made to clients throughout the years.

10 Things to Know About Your Clients

I stress doing your homework. It’s critical. When dealing with smaller companies, this task is mostly manageable. However, with larger companies, you may find that the challenge isn’t getting enough information…it’s getting enough of the RIGHT information.

It’s Your Meeting…Take Control of It

When a meeting diverts, you’ve lost control and it will be hard to get it back. So this week, let’s look at my key steps to controlling a meeting, even before it begins!

Top Ten Leadership Mistakes

Over several years of coaching leaders, I have observed many common mistakes they make. Some have clear signals, others are a bit more subtle. I’ve compiled a list of those mistakes. Use it to assess how you are leading your team and be aware of how it affects your leadership abilities.

Networking Tips

Three Effective Networking Tips

To be effective at networking, you have to understand the importance creating lasting connections will have on your professional life, just like it does in your personal life.

Networking Do’s and Don’ts

As social animals, we need to communicate to one another to discover if we can be mutually useful for each other. Keep in mind, networking is just as daunting to others as it is to you. If you approach it that way…you don’t have to think “blind date.”


Planning, Controlling, and Closing a Presentation

I’ve been coaching executives and sales teams for a while now. And I have found there are three main areas in which people have at least one weakness when it comes to presentations or sales calls. It’s either they aren’t planning their meetings well enough, they lose control of the meeting, or (in some case AND), they avoid closing for fear of “selling” or looking bad.

In this video, I take a look at all three:

Delivering the Value Proposition

Staying the Pain: Drawing Out a Client’s Core Issues