12.06.10 A World Away, and Yet Familiar Territory

I just returned from my Singapore Training with American Express refreshed and possessing as vibrant a pace as Singapore itself!

The vibe there is one of collaboration and deal creation versus recession and doubt. Three’s a great “Buzz” there that is infectious. It is really a powerful hub of Asia/International commerce.

My clients were motivated by partnering with their clients in a refreshing, “out-of-the-box” fashion. Their passion for driving cooperative conversation before presenting their recommendations was laudable and the right solution for today’s business world everywhere.

I travel a lot.  And throughout my international travels, I’ve realized that client advisors share a common calling: being persistent yet likeable, conversational not formal. It is critical for clients to see us as proactive agents of progress for their business, showing our involvement by presenting recommendations that address their of-the-moment and future challenges. Demonstrating a thorough knowledge of these challenges imbues the client relationship and earns you the right to grow the relationship based on this stewardship.

It is also essential to remain flexible and nimble when reviewing your recommendations with a client. Your recommendations may unveil other ideas or needs your clients have. You’ve then got to vet them by probing and understanding the genesis of the idea. How mission critical it is to your client? This flexibility will further strengthen your bond with you client and lead to mutual success.

Do you have an advisor you trust in this fashion?  What is the key element the person brings to the relationship?  Why does it work for you?