11.14.09 Is Today the Day I Worried About Yesterday?

Greetings from China:

Just picked up my luggage in Singapore…I meet my driver and he tells me that Singapore is very busy due to the APEC mtg. I ask “gee, will it be hard to get a taxi tomorrow…Monday?”

He says it’s Saturday today.

I ask AGAIN, “Is it Saturday or Sunday?”

He says it’s Saturday. By now I’m crazed with the thought I arrived one day early! So, I ask him again, “Are you sure?”

He says, “Oh, I forgot. I usually never travel to the airport on Sunday so, yes, it is Sunday.”

So much for flying 18 hours and being alert to ask him a third time. Note: I got great sleep on Singapore Air and he said he did not get enough sleep last night!! You gotta love travel!