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Developing The Diva

By this time of the year, as a leader you, should have a firm grasp on your team’s production and capabilities. You’ve studied your team and know who your “A” Players, “B” Players and “C” Players are. But then you discover that you have a rogue “A” Player, who is in a “start-of-the-year” slump. What’s your plan for […]

Sales…Love It, Don’t Leave It

The sales person. Over the years, and many, many bad used car sales pitches, the reputation of the sales profession has gotten a bit…ok…a LOT tainted. And yet, the Chally Group states that 39 percent of B2B buyers select a vendor according to the skills of the sales person rather than price, quality or service features. Wow! My […]

Presentations That Fit!

Most of you know my passion for listening and truly understanding a client well before you deliver your presentation. We’ve just finished a series of coaching points focused on developing a killer presentation based on your value proposition. One of the sure fire ways to dilute a great presentation is to deliver it too soon!

The Morning After…

I trust you all had a good, relaxing time with family and friends throughout the holidays. One of the joys of consulting is developing professional friendships you know will last a lifetime. For my first blog of 2015, I want to thank and acknowledge John Mina, Managing Partner, Willis Group Holdings, for providing the title. John has […]