Managing Organic Growth After a Merge

Many organizations scale their business inorganically through buying and merging with companies that enhance/broaden their business proposition. “Overnight” these newly formed entities have a blended set of employees, vendors and customers. This is a fine strategy except once these marriages have taken place, an organization needs to meld their businesses into one cohesive unit that’s in one voice with their value proposition and overall ethos.

I’m always excited about consulting in these situations. By and large, the companies have smart, driven leaders who are committed to shaping their new organization into a formidable foe able to sit at a larger table doing battle with a new competitive set. But here’s the rub: an organization can’t fully transform without focusing on organic growth.

Organic Growth Critical to Transformation

Here’s what I mean. Organic growth is transforming an organization from the inside to accomplish the strategic goals that were achieved inorganically. Post-merger an organization must streamline their operation by synthesizing their new business development value proposition, unique to their company. Essentially, designing their new, broader DNA.

Once this has been accomplished, they then to need train their business development leaders in the articulation of this value proposition and determine who their green berets are that can source and close the business they merged to go after.

Leaders Gotta Lead

A leadership team’s ability to accurately assess talent, shape behavior and strategically lead is what separates a great company from a mediocre company. To be known for having the “top” people, you need to insure that your leaders can cultivate the elite Business Development professionals that excel in conversationally probing and presenting the value proposition in a relational, urgent manner. That creates a strong atmosphere for sustained organic growth because everyone is on the same page.

The new organization becomes a desirous place to work, i.e. the organization that everyone wants to be a part of.

This type of consulting is quite transformational and builds a strong set of like-minded people committed to creating a juggernaut of a company.

Have you been through a merger or acquisition? Did it go smoothly? What could have gone better?  Answer in the replies below. -SG