The Arrogance of Selling

This blog/message is written as a reminder for you..and me.

You know that swagger you have when you walk into a client’s office ready to present your product/service?


Start walking in with a presence of curiosity and support, not surety. It’s implicit that you know and can defend your offering. However, that’s not the point of an initial business development meeting. The point of this precious encounter is care and concern. You’ll have your time for presentation swagger later.

Think doctor to patient. If your physician said to you “do this, try that and I’ll see you in three weeks” and then walked out, how would you feel? My point is, business development is ALL about the tailoring of a recommendation, just like a physician who correctly establishes an empathetic relationship with you then presents his Rx. It’s easier medicine to take.

Too many business development professionals assume their product is perfect just the way it is and unconsciously are arrogant about it.  We’ve got to prove to our client we affirm and understand their challenge WAY before we cure it. Master discovery behavior to condition your clients to your openness and desire to tailor your recommendation, not lead with it.