Get Involved…or Get Out!

Hold onto your hats…this post will sting a bit.

Business Development leaders, what are you doing each day to make your team a team of green berets? Are you on the sidelines reporting their achievements or are you on the field shaping their achievements?

Too often I’m finding leaders are on the sidelines, tracking progress instead of inspiring it. Why do you have this position if you’re just a statistician?

You cannot create a team of green berets without giving your blood to your team. The only way to accomplish this is to see and hear each person conducting business.

As you observe your direct report ask yourself, is my team….

  • Passive or engaged?
  • Tentative or confident?
  • Fast or deliberate?
  • Presumptive or inquisitive?
  • Peacemaking or taking a stand?
  • Clinical or cooperative?

Development is all about direct coaching NOT impromptu coaching. Stop your hallway tips. Start directly meeting with these direct reports and caring for their development.
Know their activity and shape it so that they make more of their bonus, they’ll follow you anywhere from this action.
Be forthright in your coaching. Know who they’ve met with, what’s occurred and what they need to say/do next. That’s development.

Discuss and create together their development plan.

So…are you on the sideline or leading on the field? Let me know in the replies below.  – SG