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Your Big Break…Don’t Rush It!

I often have the distinct pleasure and honor to coach/on-board executives beginning new positions, often in a “C Suite” role. It’s an exciting time for them (and for me). They’ve been selected for their knowledge, judgement and ability to lead. The Board or President has a lot invested in making their executive’s assimilation seamless and welcomed. However, my […]

Divorce…Business Style

Too often leaders get blindsided with direct reports who leave abruptly. Yet, upon the exit interview, HR realizes the issues that catalyzed the departure had been brewing for months. It’s a divorce, business style. For the leader, departures like these are quite painful and force the leader to do a post mortem in haste. What […]

The Power of Three

Recently, I have been working with quite a few CEOs, synthesizing important messages and distinctions about their respective organizations. Content is king, of course, but too much of a good thing can dilute a message to the point that is loses all meaning. This is where the power of three comes into play! Connect with Your Message […]