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Plan Your Race

Marathon runners know that the only way to successfully finish a race is to have a plan…and stick to it. Too many times, inexperienced runners go out at a pace much faster than normal only to lose steam in the grueling last few miles. As a leader, whether in sales, marketing, business development, private equity, […]

Yikes, My Boss Confuses Me!

I hate to say this, but I hear this a lot. Leadership confusion comes in many forms. But most often, it boils down to one thing: inconsistency. Teams respond to leaders who comport themselves with consistent behavior they can count on and trust. Alternatively, if the leadership behavior varies based on mood, pressure, or just […]

Remaining Vital in a Hybrid Workplace

Our world now bifurcates into a hybrid environment and an office environment. As I wrote about earlier this year, many of you had a choice…work from home or at the office. What did you choose…the kitchen table or the office table? For those of you who have chosen to work more virtually rather than physically, […]

Replace Hesitation with Inspiration

Second-guessing oneself is normal and will always haunt us when delivering an idea or recommendation we’re asked to provide. Try replacing hesitation with inspiration! Taking Risks Makes a Difference Too often, many of my clients hesitate when tasked with finding a new direction or solution to an organization’s problem. Here’s the thing: your leadership wants […]

Give It to Them Straight

Throughout my career as a leadership development professional, I’ve learned much about myself and others. One of the essential competencies I’ve developed is to be straight with people, especially as a coach. Here’s an example of it in practice… Resistance to the Truth Several years ago, I coached an executive in charge of the mergers […]

Kitchen Table or Work Table?

You’ll realize my vote as you read on… I’ve been working with many pre- and post-COVID clients who primarily work from home. To be clear, they work for organizations/companies that have physical offices. But they have chosen to remain remote for whatever reasons they have…professional or personal. Here’s the rub: while many now realize the […]

Take Control of Your Happiness

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their mind to be -Abraham Lincoln Happy, Healthy New Year! Please repeat Abe’s adage to yourself throughout this year…I know I will. I’ve found that to maintain my hope, engagement, and positivity, I need to be happy each day. I assume most people do. Essentially, […]

Two Leadership Tips for 2024

And that’s a wrap on 2023! What a year, right? My work saw clients struggle with and overcome many obstacles. But the work is not done! As we look to 2024, I want to give you two key recommendations from my many observations and development engagements this year. Don’t Focus on Nice and Polite Stop […]

‘Tis the Season of Juggling!

Managing the holiday season, both professionally and personally, can be challenging and stressful. Here’s something I read recently that hit home… You CAN do it all, but first, you must decide what “all” includes. Over the past decade, much attention has been directed toward helping people create a work/life balance. Perhaps no time during the […]

This Thanksgiving…Be Grateful, Then Insightful

This is a wonderful time of year! It’s a time for family, fun, cuisine, and insightfulness…if you allow it. Each year at this time, I like to take stock of what is important to me. I look at three different areas and note what stands out: What I enjoyed Seeing clients shine during their annual […]