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They Just Aren’t That Into You

There are only two months left in 2023. I know…I can’t believe that either! Many of you will be developing and delivering year-end presentations to clients/customers. STOP! Read this right now and you’ll save a lot of time: They aren’t as interested as you think they are. Too often, I see people delivering presentations that […]

The Joy of Coaching

That’s right. I said it. There is joy in coaching your employees! I find it in coaching my clients. There is something magically rewarding to see someone break through a barrier and realize more of their potential. I truly hope you know what I mean. If you don’t, this post is aimed at helping you. […]

Sales Training Solutions: Series Recap

I’ve just posted the final blog of my 5-part series: Sales Training Solutions in 2023. I hope you’ve gotten several good tips as you proceed with your team towards the final quarter of 2023. Let’s put all the pieces together. Come back to this post as a recap of the series for highlights and share […]

Sales Training Solutions: Part 4

Developing Transformational Sales Skills A lot has changed in the last few years. However, there is one thing that has remained constant: people still buy people first, products/services second. If you’re unfamiliar with that saying, a customer must trust you before they can be convinced to accept what you’re recommending. However, that doesn’t mean the […]

Sales Training Solutions 2023: Part 3

Changing Behaviors My last blog addressed systematic changes you can make to start transforming sales order takers into consultative authorities. In this post, I focus on behaviors that need to change and some that should be developed to move your team toward becoming trusted advisors for your clients. To Begin…Stop! I recommend you start with […]