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What People Need Now: Connection

Whether it’s your family, friends, colleagues, or clients…people need connection right now. Sequestering, quarantining, telecommuting, working from home…whatever you want to call, it’s essentially isolation. As a leader, it’s up to you to maintain a connection so that people understand that you are here for them, you understand their plight, and you are going to […]

The 10 Worst Probing Questions

Every time I work with an executive or a sales team, I stress the importance of probing questions. They are open-ended questions that get you to a deeper level of understanding of your client’s business. They also give you a subtle opportunity to show that you’ve done your homework by asking well-researched questions. Feedback I […]

Videoconferencing: How to Embrace This Mostly Hated Technology

Colleague #1: Hey, did you hear we’ve got a mandatory videoconference tomorrow? Colleague #2: Oh No, I’d rather have a root canal! We’ve all been there.  Sometimes easier is also harder. Videoconferencing fits the bill. While on the surface, “meeting” with people via video technology rather than having them gather in one place seems far […]

What is a Healthy Debate?

One often hears the term “healthy debate” as a reference to two or more sides getting together to hash out an issue that could escalate into argumentative discourse if not dealt with upfront. Some might believe that a debate in business cannot be healthy at all since it pits people against each other. They’d rather […]