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Start Leading Again

As the Coronavirus crisis continues, and in some places gets worse, it’s hard not to feel a bit disenfranchised. We’re upset that our business life has been upended, our environment ripped away from us, and our teams scattered. We keep hearing people tell us, “You are not alone.” But it can sure seem that way, […]

Avoiding Smart Guy Syndrome

Throughout my years coaching executives, I’ve noticed a common behavior that decredentials leaders: the need to illustrate they are the smartest person in the room. Trust me, the moment you start doing that, you’ve lost: the climate to foster meaningful, honest dialogue the possibility of debate that’s essential to gaining insight and coming to the BEST […]

Coach More, Delegate Less

It is often the case that a new leader wants to have a fast start with their organization. In their zeal to accomplish this and make a splash, they over-delegate and under coach. To succeed as a new leader, I recommend the opposite. Coach, Don’t Manage It’s better to over coach/shape your direct reports and […]

Nobody’s Listening

You may be the most senior person in the room. You may be the boss. Heck, you may even own the company! But that doesn’t mean they are listening to you. Don’t let that happen to you. It can if you’re not careful and mindful of these SIX Behaviors to Hold People’s Attention and Lead […]