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Leadership by Example

Lead by example. You’ve heard that before I’m sure. But by what example? Does it mean doing everything your direct reports do, showing them how it’s done? Of course not. You hired them for their skills, not to mimic yours. So, again, what does lead by example mean? It’s important to recognize that it’s an […]

Five Actions for Successful Networking in 2023

Often, I hear clients lament about the challenges networking presents and their distaste for the activity. Just the word networking turns many people off. It shouldn’t. I recommend that networking is looked at as an opportunity to make and develop new relationships where each person helps the other and their respective organizations. For many, this […]

‘Tis the Season to Keep Your Clients

Right now, your company’s business development executives are probably creating a 2023 plan that has them growing the business versus 2022, right?  That plan includes an aggressive strategy for securing new business. And where will that new business come from? Mostly from companies that are probably clients of another company right now. Well, guess what? […]

Changing is Hard; Not Changing is Worse

As a leadership development coach, I’ve found that the strongest leaders don’t resist change, they embrace it. But they also know that changing their own behavior can be a monumental challenge. They realize that if they don’t change/adapt they will become “stuck in their ways.” And you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who considers that […]

Slowing Down the Opportunity

The great Spanish philosopher/essayist Jose-Ortega y Gasset once said, “Life is fired at us at point-blank range with no time to think.” Too often we allow this tenant to control our client behavior versus SLOWING the process down and injecting humanity into our strategy. I’ll explain: During a meeting with a client who was presenting […]

Get Noticed by Relationship Building

Relationship building should be a constant in your professional life. It certainly is in mine. While I’ve successfully built my leadership development and sales coaching business for many years, I’ve never done any advertising. It’s all been about relationships. Is relationship building a core part of your daily/weekly/annual activities? Perhaps you’re waiting until you “have […]