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Run Your Race

From the biblical meaning to the meaning in the movie “Secretariat”, the phrase “Run your race” is important to impart to others. It says, despite the defeats of life, stick to your plan. As you develop your leadership skills, and those of others, keep this phrase in mind. Developmentally it says when you hit barriers, […]

Five Steps for Coaching in Action

My previous two posts discuss how important it is to retain employees post-Covid and that feedback is a core tool you need to employ toward that end.  So, now that you’re ready, willing, and able to develop your team, I have outlined five essential actions to take to insure a relational, professional conversation. Throughout this […]

Offer a “Confidence-Good” to Present Your Value

For several years, I consulted with a marvelous, highly successful fixed-income brokerage company. One morning over breakfast, the CEO offered a provocative phrase and strong acknowledgment of his general counsel that I’ve never forgotten. He stated his general counsel was indispensable to him for the “confidence-good” he provided him. I paused and asked him to […]

It’s Not Wrong to Be Wrong

One of my New Year’s resolutions (yes, I still make them because what gets measured, gets done) is to read a minimum of one business book a month. I’m off to a good start, having completed Adam Grant’s book, Think Again. He’s onto some great transformational behaviors we can adapt as we lead clients out […]

2021 Reflections/2022 Direction

With Broadway shows closing, sports games being canceled/delayed, and a worrisome spike in Covid cases, it feels like I‘m writing this as though it were the end of 2020. But of course, I’m not. Things are different. As a community of business professionals, it’s essential we keep this pandemic in perspective and realize we are […]

Whitespace Is the Right Space

First, I hope you all enjoyed a festive, fun, and fulfilling Thanksgiving! As we enter the last month of the year, it is important to realize that between now and December 19th (because after that, it’s off for Holiday time) is a season of opportunity. Right now, we have the opportunity to pick up share […]

Small Talk vs. Business Talk

Recently, I was coaching a lawyer who would soon have a meeting with an organization to potentially perform legal work. As we discussed the meeting, he let me know that his intention was to start by asking directly about the case. My instinct felt the opposite. He needed to employ some strategic small talk first, then […]