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Do I Have the Right Team?

I hear this question every week and enjoy determining with my clients if they, in fact, have the right team in place. It’s possible that they may need to further shape and develop certain members of the team to match the current times. And that’s a challenge. But there are ways to keep evolving based […]

The 3 Essential Steps To Recruiting

In my last post, I gave a few interviewing tips for those looking to advance their career with a new position. Equally as challenging are things on the other side of the desk. Finding the right person for key positions in your company/department should be an ongoing process, echoing the oft-used statement from companies “we […]

Using Video for Training

Let’s go to the video tape!  Those of you in New York will recall this famous, often-used line by long time sportscaster Warner Wolf. I realize most of my clients would prefer to be chased by a wolf than be videotaped. However, I must say that after 25 years of videotaping and coaching executives there is […]

Five Steps of Persuasion

Persuasion is a good thing…in fact, it’s a great thing! However, that’s true only provided that you are persuading the right person or organization to accept an idea that will forward their business agenda along with yours. If you are doing it just so you can be right, then you are using this power the wrong […]