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Is It Time to Evolve?

Change is not Compromise

My invitation to all of you in this New Year is to embrace the fact that behavioral change is NOT compromise; it is transformation. You change to make a larger difference with yourself, your team and your clients. You change to keep pace with a world that is moving at breakneck speed. It’s the courage to evolve. To question who you are now, to become either a better person or a person in harmony with now, not what used-to-be. This is not easy stuff. I realize as I work on myself with my coach to be the best I can be, my commitment is to partner with you to become the executive you wish to be, now.

The philosopher, Jose Ortega y Gasset once said, “Life is fired at us at point-blank range, with no time to think.” This is the part that interests me. These “no time to think” moments offer the opportunity of transformation. To action a new set of behaviors. To experiment and trust you’ll exist/thrive in a new way. Essentially, a new YOU, because it serves YOU now. Knowing/accepting your old-self just doesn’t serve you anymore.

When Is It Time to Change?

The new year gives many people a touchpoint from which they start looking at how to advance their careers and lives. When do you know it’s time to change? One way to know is if you find yourself thinking any (or all!) of these things:

* I want/need to be a better leader
* I’m unsure how to manage up
* I’m wary about how to comport myself with my new team
* I’m not driving the revenue for myself and my firm that I’m capable of
* I’m not seen as the change-maker I used to be
* I know how to transform our business but I’m fearful to start
* I can do more
* I have a voice that makes a difference, but nobody’s listening

To paraphrase Karlfried Graf von Durckheim, “Only to the extent that man exposes himself over and over again to annihilation, can that which is indestructible arise within him. In this lies the dignity of daring.” Once you commit yourself to growth, life moves with you. You become Odysseus in Homer’s Odyssey WITH a defined time and place to sail/evolve to. And if you are a client making this commitment, your journey becomes my journey. Your journey is my inspiration and dedication.

It will be an honor to work with you. Let’s let the adventure begin!

Developing Your Future Leaders

As leaders of organizations, we have an obligation not only to find future leaders but to contribute to their development personally. But today’s future leaders, call them “millennials” or by some other name, require alternative ways of being groomed for success.  Too often, I see that this is not embraced and reacted to by companies.   Read more

Question, question, question

Emcon Team Learns to Question…and Listen

The Situation:

Imagine going to your auto repair shop and immediately, the clerk says, “Hi. We know how to fix brakes, align your wheels, repair you exhaust, do inspections, change your oil, clear your exhaust system, calibrate your pistons….”  Wouldn’t it be easier, and more effective, if the clerk first asked what problem you were having with your car?

That simple distinction was at the core of what Rich Garwood, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Emcon, a leading facilities logistics management company, needed his team to understand.  He recognized that too many times, his salespeople were telling clients everything the company could do, rather than determining what the client needed them to do.

“We were presenting first without learning, hoping our clients would choose from our services and apply it to their business.  We needed to understand our clients’ issues and then present solutions.”

The Results:

Garwood knew he needed a training professional who could organize his team’s approach, systematize their process, structure sales calls and generate results.  Garwood turned to Steve Giglio, whom he was referred to by contacts at Conde Nast publishing.  And while his team initially felt that working with Steve was not going to be productive, they were soon converted as Steve helped shift their mindset.

“Steve got them to understand that they need a process to make a sale.  He changed their way of interacting with clients from ‘this is what I have’ to ‘let’s talk about what you need.’

Results were immediate.  Garwood’s team implemented Steve’s strategies and techniques to improve their interactions, starting by making sure they talked to decision makers…the C-suite. They ask probing questions to get to the root of a potential client’s needs.  These fundamental shifts in how the team presents its services has positively affected the bottom line.

“Our sales will grow by 20 percent this year.  I can site specific examples of where Steve’s training has resulted in additional sales that we would have never captured previously.”

What I have gained from Steve Giglio’s training is…

  • A drastically different approach to selling
  • An intelligent, methodical, low-to-no pressure system for asking questions that define the clients’ “pain.”
  • An improved structural way of working the sales cycle.
  • A focus on the client’s needs, not our offerings.
  • A cautiousness of using qualifiers.
  • What I appreciate about Steve’s program is:

  • an open, collaborative environment
  • interactive, real-life role playing
  • honest feedback
  • tips to improve my sales/negotiation skills
  • his perspective
  • a structure for my presentations/meetings
  • The actions I will take from working with Steve are:

  • stay in the pain to learn my customers real needs
  • put improvement plan together and “quick tips”
  • be more aware of how to run a meeting
  • revise my proposal format
  • practice with video taping my presentations
  • increase my energy
  • not use qualifiers
  • probe, probe, probe
  • Double Digit Sales Growth is in Vogue

    “Not another sales training course!”  So is the reaction of many senior sales people.  And yet Laura McEwen, vice president and publisher of Teen Vogue magazine, had to overcome any opposition.  “We are selling beyond the print publication today- – utilizing our iPhone app, online marketing opportunities, digital initiatives, event marketing and more,” explained McEwen.  “It was imperative that we get the team speaking the same language and drive sales across multiple platforms.  And that’s a good lesson for everyone.”

    McEwen was also challenged by being new to the organization. Implementing sales training as a first act had the potential to cause tension.  “The training had to deliver results and make the team feel it was time well spent.  There was a lot riding on how well it went.”


    Hedging her bets, McEwen turned to Steve Giglio, with whom she had worked previously.  Her senior management team had developed a new sales presentation.  Steve helped fine tune it, craft the delivery and roll it out to the sales team.  His work included observing each sales person, trailing some on sales calls, and providing insight into where they could improve.  For even the most seasoned sales people, video taping sessions revealed areas that needed development.


    Teen Vogue sales have increased by double digits each month in 2010 compared to last year.  Each team member has seen improved results, some dramatically.  “I attribute our success to having a great team that was open to Steve’s training.  He helped set the table and they executed based on his techniques.  We have been able to grow despite the economic situation that has seen many in our industry scale back or close.  I am optimistic because Steve has helped us create a strong foundation.”

    Case Studies

    Steve Giglio’s client roster is deep with internationally recognized brands.  And for each of them, even at the highest level, Steve delivers results.  Click on the case studies below to get an idea of what Steve can do for your company.


    Leadership Development Case Studies


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    Sales Training Case Studies:

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    Emcon Team Learns to Question and Listen



    Double Digit Sales Growth is in Vogue




    Harry Fox Music Licensing Agency Affects Directional Shift and Creates Confident Sales Team



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    Time Out Asks the Right Questions


    Case Study: Harry Fox Agency

    Case Study: Harry Fox Agency

    The Situation

    Executives at the Harry Fox Agency, the premier music licensing agent for music publishers in the United States, needed to enhance their current revenue stream with alternatives.  The music industry has been evolving and they needed to provide sales training to key staff and ultimately the whole company, to be ahead of the changes.  They faced a common challenge: creating and communicating effective messaging about their value proposition that would resonate with both their current and potential clients.

    Michele Olton, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Administration brought in Steve Giglio to help address the company’s directional shift.  Steve worked with the firms executive team creating key messages and storyboarding the company’s core values. Message points were boiled down to five key elements.  A presentation was crafted for the company’s staff that work on publisher affiliation and new business development. Steve lead sales training sessions focusing on active listening, probing for understanding and effective and consist delivery of the presentation.

    The Results

    Using video taping and peer critique, Steve raised the team’s confidence, making it easier to deliver the content.  “They loved it and found Steve to be very effective,” said Olton.

    Read more

    Case Study: AMEX and Red Herring

    Case Study: AMEX and Red Herring

    The Situation

    Ted Gramkow, Vice President, Strategic Sales and Marketing, InterMedia Outdoors, has worked with Steve Giglio while at several companies including American Express Publishing and Red Herring magazine. And it was always for the same reason: “consistency. “Our teams were successful but they had a ‘selling by the seat of their pants’ approach,” says Gramkow. “It was working but no one knew why and it could not easily be replicated by new team members.


    We needed someone who could systematize the selling process for us.” Steve uncovered deficiencies in their selling process and created a plan for how they could be addressed.

    The Results

    Gramkow now relies on Steve Giglio’s sales training programs to convert sales people into business consultants, with far more emphasis on learning the client’s business rather than aggressive selling. And the result is that his teams create relationships with senior decision makers, deliver consistent messages and ultimately drive more sales

    Improved Sales
    More Effective Sales Teams
    Deal Closing Proficiency