Case Study: Harry Fox Agency

Case Study: Harry Fox Agency

The Situation

Executives at the Harry Fox Agency, the premier music licensing agent for music publishers in the United States, needed to enhance their current revenue stream with alternatives.  The music industry has been evolving and they needed to provide sales training to key staff and ultimately the whole company, to be ahead of the changes.  They faced a common challenge: creating and communicating effective messaging about their value proposition that would resonate with both their current and potential clients.

Michele Olton, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Administration brought in Steve Giglio to help address the company’s directional shift.  Steve worked with the firms executive team creating key messages and storyboarding the company’s core values. Message points were boiled down to five key elements.  A presentation was crafted for the company’s staff that work on publisher affiliation and new business development. Steve lead sales training sessions focusing on active listening, probing for understanding and effective and consist delivery of the presentation.

The Results

Using video taping and peer critique, Steve raised the team’s confidence, making it easier to deliver the content.  “They loved it and found Steve to be very effective,” said Olton.

“He used direct feedback, insight, expertise and humor to get our team engaged in the training.  Quickly earning their confidence, he set to work on getting results. It worked.” The Results Response to Steve’s training was music to Olton’s ears. “Our team saw that winging it just wasn’t going to fly. They needed to work at due diligence, understanding our clients’ needs by asking the right questions.  They could then tailor the message to the “pain points” that most addressed the client’s situation.  The presentation Steve helped us craft created an invaluable foundation for all our sales calls.  Our team put it to use right away.”


“He used direct feedback, insight, expertise and humor to get our team engaged in the training.”