Double Digit Sales Growth is in Vogue

“Not another sales training course!”  So is the reaction of many senior sales people.  And yet Laura McEwen, vice president and publisher of Teen Vogue magazine, had to overcome any opposition.  “We are selling beyond the print publication today- – utilizing our iPhone app, online marketing opportunities, digital initiatives, event marketing and more,” explained McEwen.  “It was imperative that we get the team speaking the same language and drive sales across multiple platforms.  And that’s a good lesson for everyone.”

McEwen was also challenged by being new to the organization. Implementing sales training as a first act had the potential to cause tension.  “The training had to deliver results and make the team feel it was time well spent.  There was a lot riding on how well it went.”


Hedging her bets, McEwen turned to Steve Giglio, with whom she had worked previously.  Her senior management team had developed a new sales presentation.  Steve helped fine tune it, craft the delivery and roll it out to the sales team.  His work included observing each sales person, trailing some on sales calls, and providing insight into where they could improve.  For even the most seasoned sales people, video taping sessions revealed areas that needed development.


Teen Vogue sales have increased by double digits each month in 2010 compared to last year.  Each team member has seen improved results, some dramatically.  “I attribute our success to having a great team that was open to Steve’s training.  He helped set the table and they executed based on his techniques.  We have been able to grow despite the economic situation that has seen many in our industry scale back or close.  I am optimistic because Steve has helped us create a strong foundation.”