Case Study: AMEX and Red Herring

Case Study: AMEX and Red Herring

The Situation

Ted Gramkow, Vice President, Strategic Sales and Marketing, InterMedia Outdoors, has worked with Steve Giglio while at several companies including American Express Publishing and Red Herring magazine. And it was always for the same reason: “consistency. “Our teams were successful but they had a ‘selling by the seat of their pants’ approach,” says Gramkow. “It was working but no one knew why and it could not easily be replicated by new team members.


We needed someone who could systematize the selling process for us.” Steve uncovered deficiencies in their selling process and created a plan for how they could be addressed.

The Results

Gramkow now relies on Steve Giglio’s sales training programs to convert sales people into business consultants, with far more emphasis on learning the client’s business rather than aggressive selling. And the result is that his teams create relationships with senior decision makers, deliver consistent messages and ultimately drive more sales

Improved Sales
More Effective Sales Teams
Deal Closing Proficiency