Offer a “Confidence-Good” to Present Your Value

For several years, I consulted with a marvelous, highly successful fixed-income brokerage company. One morning over breakfast, the CEO offered a provocative phrase and strong acknowledgment of his general counsel that I’ve never forgotten. He stated his general counsel was indispensable to him for the “confidence-good” he provided him. I paused and asked him to […]

You Got the Business…But Do You Want It?

In these times of upheaval, it’s sometimes easy to grab whatever business you can get without considering if you really want it. I caution you to pause, assess these business opportunities, and then react. Here’s an example of how I put that advice to work for my own business. Getting the Business Is Not the […]

It’s Not Wrong to Be Wrong

One of my New Year’s resolutions (yes, I still make them because what gets measured, gets done) is to read a minimum of one business book a month. I’m off to a good start, having completed Adam Grant’s book, Think Again. He’s onto some great transformational behaviors we can adapt as we lead clients out […]

When You Hit the Q4 Wall

Recently, a dear friend and client texted me with some alarming news…he had hit a wall. He said that he’d lost his way, didn’t have anyone in his life that cared about him, and didn’t want to go to work at all. His life/business resignation was palpable and a cry for help. After a very […]

What I’m Learning About Virtually Communicating and Coaching

Yes, virtual communication during this Covid era is still with us. And I believe it will be long after the virus is at bay. I used to say to myself, just get used to it. Now, nearly two years into this next normal, I’ve said to myself: Get better at it! And I believe I […]

Know Your True Line

McKinsey & Co. recently wrote about the importance of understanding people’s feelings of loss and anxiety due to COVID. As a leader, you owe it to your directs to have this level of understanding as we enter Q4. My father as a surgeon always said, “You never treat one patient the same as the next. […]