Kindness is Contagious

My wife Ellen and I just returned from a marvelous vacation culminating with a cruise through several beautiful French and Spanish ports. Like everyone, when I travel for (mostly) pleasure, I like to relax and leave my worries behind.

However on this voyage, it started out as anything but! Those who work with me know that I cannot rest until all details are buttoned up to my, and my clients’, satisfaction. Needing to send an urgent communication to a client back in the States…and from a ship…looked like it was going to be my undoing.

That is until Amiel arrived. Amiel is not an IT person. He’s not particularly adept at solving cross-continental communications issues. Nor did have any knowledge of my particular predicament other than a client of his needed assistance.

I was so moved by Amiel and his intrepid positivity. I’m still thinking about and resourced by his kindness, patience, and above all, alacrity. He stayed with me for over an hour to solve the issue. But more than that, his demeanor and determination to help calmed me down and took the anxiety away! He didn’t have to do this, especially at 5pm just prior to dinner service, etc. It was just his way. He had to help.

My takeaway from this encounter is that we, too, can present ourselves like Amiel at any point if we‘re aware and confident of the difference we can make in someone else. I’m sure Amiel has many challenges in his life, just like we all do. Yet, my experience of him was that he was a consummate professional who instilled confidence and hope in me, so much more than I could manage for myself at that moment.

I’m taking his attitude and personality with me as I go through this year. It’ll resource me and who I’m meeting with each day.

Amiel honored me in a way I didn’t even think I deserved. By paying it forward, I’ll do the same.