Replace Hesitation with Inspiration

Second-guessing oneself is normal and will always haunt us when delivering an idea or recommendation we’re asked to provide. Try replacing hesitation with inspiration!

Taking Risks Makes a Difference

Too often, many of my clients hesitate when tasked with finding a new direction or solution to an organization’s problem. Here’s the thing: your leadership wants and needs your idea or they wouldn’t have asked you. Don’t let them down because you want to be 110% sure. That level of surety is not realistic; it’s only an ideal.

You can’t make a difference or help your team with this behavior. You make a difference by taking a risk and declaring your solution.

Recently, I’ve been coaching a smart, insightful client to accomplish just this. Through multiple videos and reviews of his presentation material, we realized he was sabotaging his message by being too cautious with his idea. From our work together, my client began to enjoy collaborating with his international team, discovered the fun of listening to others and then offering his ideas. Currently, he heads up a team of professionals to whom he’s taught these skills!

If you’re tentative or cautious about your idea, your listeners will be skeptical and will avoid making a decision. Is this the result you want?

It’s better to forge a climate of certainty with your idea. This will motivate your listeners to either endorse or question it, giving you the opportunity to defend it confidently! It requires self-trust and a commitment to making a difference because you said so. That declaration alone will move others.

My client did just that and his idea was heartily welcomed!

So, next time you present an idea, do it with the confidence that it will make a difference with whatever issue is at hand. That confidence will build trust and trust builds leadership. Let me know how it goes!