Presentation Prep: Mitigating Mistake Risks

As you prepare for your next meeting, imagine that CNN will be there broadcasting it live. How does that make you feel? Nervous? Self-conscious? Truth is, it shouldn’t matter. Facing your next meeting as if the whole world will see it let’s you take the bull by the horns: come what may, you are going […]

Clues Are in the Research

I believe it was Dale Carnegie who once said; “Arouse an interest in another person before you present your idea…” I’ve expounded on this for years…the sale is made in the listening, not in the presentation. But listening without perspective is a lost opportunity to connect. Doing some quick research about your key client contact, […]

Have the War Now, the Peace Later

My first lesson in business development came in 1977 in Flushing, Queens. I’d just graduated from college and began working for Met Life. I was assigned to a sales manager who changed my life in days. He could terrorize or motivate in seconds, make me scream with laughter or scream with rage almost at will. […]

Don’t Give It Away

You go into a meeting where you will be pitching your company’s services and/or products. At some point, the client turns into a charity case when their expectation is that you will do some of the work for free as “goodwill” to earn their business. Been there? And did you comply? You shouldn’t. Even though […]

Leadership Is Not Overcommitting!

Raise your hand if you have ever said one or more of the following: I’d like to spend time leading my team, but I’ve got to focus on…. Recruiting Renewing my existing clients Retaining my high performers Branding activity My P+L Business forecasting HR issues Compliance issues Daily fire drills Operational issues only I can […]

Five Body Language Tips for Effective Presentations

You are sitting in a presentation and the speaker doesn’t move…for an hour! Are you engaged in the content? Conversely, your presenter is on the move constantly and it is like watching a tennis match…back and forth, back and forth. Does that get your attention or is it distracting? Up to 90 percent of communication […]