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Top Leadership and Sales Training Posts – 2014

Steve G 04/15/09What a year! We’ve seen so much change in the world and at home. During the next few weeks, news outlets will flood the airwaves and print with reviews of the best (and worst) of 2014 so, I thought I’d follow suit.

Top Three Posts of the Year

Here now are my top three blog posts based on YOUR feedback (and some nifty Google Analytics data from my web guy!). I really appreciate that so many of you have found my blog to be relevant, interesting and, most of all, helpful! I am looking forward to a great 2015 with even more in-depth tips/advice/counsel that I will provide to you here.  Happy New Year!

Don’t Use These Words in Business!

five-signThey are common, every day words that seem harmless. Casual words thrown into your client/customer communication. Often, we don’t give them much thought.

But the following five words (and words like them) are killing your position of strength with your clients.

Click Here for “Five Words to Avoid in Business”

Two Things That Will Kill Your Leadership Position

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I have been coaching and developing leaders for many years and during that time, I have found two behaviors that are “leadership killers.” They are acts that consistently, no matter who the leader is, weaken their position in the eyes of their reports and lessen their ability to lead. These leadership killers are: wanting to be a friend and, orphaning instead of confronting.

Click Here for the “Two Sure-Fire Leadership Killers”

Were You Mistake-free This Year?

Delete "MISTAKE"

Yeah…me neither!

Over several years of coaching leaders, I have observed many common mistakes they make. Some have clear signals, others are a bit more subtle. The following is a compiled list of those mistakes. Use it to assess how you are leading your team and be aware of how it affects your leadership abilities.

Click Here for “Top 10 Leadership Mistakes”

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Have a fantastic, and productive, 2015!