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I’ve just put up our Christmas Tree, placed the poinsettias around our home and have settled in to write my holiday blog.

Amidst so much that’s happened this year, personally and professionally, I’m left with a profound sense of gratitude for the difference I’ve been able to make with my clients, the trust and confidence they have shown in my coaching and the difference they’ve made in my life.

Practice  Conscious Gratitude

Throughout this year, I started each business day with gratitude. As I walk to the gym each morning, I list twenty people for whom I’m grateful in my life. It changes my energy, purges my worries and replaces them with gratitude.

Give it a try this week. Let me know if you notice any changes in your demeanor, outlook and approach to your interactions.

Each Year Presents Great Opportunities

From this discipline, as I look towards 2015 in my own business, I’m approaching next next year as if it is my first in business. I’ve got the same feeling of expectation and commitment to developing champions as I did almost thirty years ago when I began coaching. I am eager to learn what 2015 will bring to me as I continuously develop my skills so that I can help clients further their business goals.

No post next week so, I will take this opportunity to wish you, your employees and your family a very joyous, healthy and peaceful holiday.

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  1. Andreas Stahel
    Andreas Stahel says:

    Dear Steve,
    I certainly am grateful for your life and posts which have been very practical, helpful and simple to follow.

    Listing people in the morning for whom to be thankful – we also practice it, and we pray for them which is even more effective as it helps them directly.

    Have a wonderful holiday season and all the best for the ew year !

    Greetings from watch valley country



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