Sales Training Tip: Lead When You Dance

I Like to Lead When I Dance…

Consulting is often about establishing the correct climate to consult, like when a dancer takes the lead position.  How the dance will proceed, what direction it takes and the steps to get there are all in the hands (and feet) of the lead.

At this time of year, it is important to take the lead with your clients to help guide where things are heading in 2014.

Don’t Give Up the Lead Position

I’ve seen many clients give up the lead position.  After professionally understanding the challenges of their client, they approach recommendations in a qualified fashion; such as “what I’d like to recommend is an idea that I think can help solve the issue you have shared with me.”  It is the equivalent of having two left feet!

Solutions Are Music to Their Ears

To lead the conversation, it’s better to say “from the challenges you have shared with me there is a solution that can solve these issues, let’s walk through it now.” Leading the dance/conversation is welcomed provided you have clearly understood the challenges of your client and they have felt you have as well. They will appreciate that you are offering a solution to the problem, rather that a few soft recommendations from which they will have to choose.

Try it and let me know.  Maybe soon you’ll be dancing like Fred Astaire!