Size Them Up, Then Test the Waters

Here’s an essential modus operendi going into the New Year, make 2014 the year you illustrate your keen understanding of client’s business BEFORE you recommend they purchase your product/service.

All of us have pressure to produce results. We also, though, have the pressure/responsibility to show our commercial judgement of a client’s situation to forward/attain their trust and in turn, their business.

Here’s what I mean.

Objections Are a Test

A client, out of ignorance, may put forth an objection or misunderstanding of your organization which actually is an attempt to learn what the correct solution is. Too may salespeople will put forth a cursory response to that question/objection without fully sizing it to show their depth of understanding of that inquiry.

This is really a key point to being seen as a sincere, professional partner versus a vendor.

You have plenty of time to sell, you don’t have plenty of time to X-ray the situation. You need to test the waters a bit to determine how best you can proceed to win their trust.

The Answers Come Only With Questions

The key is to illustrate your “process-to-cure” the client’s challenge by asking the “tough” questions a professional needs to ask. Its in the asking of these questions you illustrate your credentials and simultaneously show a great level of forbearance and empathy.

When you ask the correct questions you control the agenda and understand HOW to solve their challenge. This process shows you know what you are doing and how focused you are on illustrating your desire to solve their unique issue, then, and only then, have you have earned the right to close them.

What are some tough questions you can ask that will give you insight into your client’s business that your competition might not have?