Giving Thanks for Clients

This holiday season I will be thanking my clients and followers.  While the time will come to plan for next year, and hopefully grow your business, this is the time to thank those who helped you get to where you are.  It’s important to acknowledge each and every relationship we have in business…or they won’t last.

Acknowledging Clients

When you acknowledge a client, do your best to thank them for their trust and confidence in you and the partnership you’ve forged together. It’s important that they know that you value that partnership. Sometimes a simple “Thank you for working with me this year and I appreciate your trust,” is all they need to hear.  As long as you mean it!

See the Future

Take this opportunity to also recap this year’s milestones and understand the 2014 direction your client must go in. Don’t fix anything just yet. Listen and just understand it. Think about it through the holiday season and then determine the recommendations you’ll present in January.

Every client relationship needs to advance so you are seen as a true steward of their business never their custodian.

Thank You

And speaking of thanks, I thank YOU for reading my blog this year. You may have noticed that I’ve been far more consistent with posts this year. A lot of that is because of the positive feedback I’ve gotten from you. I truly hope you gain value from reading these posts.  I value your opinion so, if there is any way I can improve this blog so that it is even more useful to you, please let me know.

May your family and you enjoy a fantastic Thanksgiving!