Leadership Tip: Organization is Power

Throughout this past month I have had the pleasure of working with many varied teams crafting their respective value propositions.

I’m so heartened by the fun of this exercise and what it illustrates to teams. The results are incredible.  And all it takes is a little organization.


The process I employ is to spend two days pinpointing the correct message a company or sales team needs to present to the people they procure their business from in a clear, linear path.  I’m always amazed at the power of this process. It highlights the true value of an organization and enlivens every participant on the Design Team! People are enlivened because they get to author what their entire team needs to present to the marketplace to differentiate their product/service.

The power of this lies in the level of confidence and integrity of the new message. With each team I work with, participants start saying, “Wow, I can see having this conversation with several clients who have not understood our offering, I can’t wait to approach them!”

It’s a full two days where we carefully walk through what the DNA of an organization is and choreograph is in a conversational, clear way. This is just the start of transforming their messaging but, it’s a solid foundation brought on by organizing their values. It’s incredible, but common, that many companies never take the time to evaluate their value proposition. Can it change over time?  Of course! But if you don’t pay attention to how, and why, it changes then it gets diluted and confused.

Once a company or team establishes what their value proposition is, then we can work on how it’s communicated.  But that’s a topic for a future blog post. Give me a call to see if we can work together to defined you team’s values.

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