Setting Goals: Make 2013 Better Than 2012

There is a great adage that says “Time and tide wait for no man.” I often think about this when I’m creating my new year’s business and personal goals.

I started this year by jumping ahead to December 2013, and determining what income and type of business I want by then. Then I determine what business I need to produce to achieve the end of year results I want. I also factor in fall out from certain clients (hyphenated?) business and that the income derived from them has to be replaced. My year-end goals factor this in so I have a business cushion when my goals are met.

On the personal growth side I review my aphorisms and reflect on how effective I’ve been with them, which ones I’m doing well with and which ones on which I’ve got to focus more.

In both areas, it is important to create a plan for making them happen. A journey without a map can get you where you want to go but, most likely will take you far longer than you’d like. It is important to break down your goals into measurable steps. Where do you want to be at the end of six months, three months, one month?  Are there measurable results that will let you know that you’ve moved forward towards your goals?  Some of those milestones can be financial while others can be equally as tangible such as increasing your potential client leads by 10 percent or reading a book in your area of personal growth.  Whatever the steps are, defining them is important and then tracking her you take them is critical.

I was recently quoted in a blog for a Manhattan real estate company where the topic is goal setting for the new year.  Check out the Stonehenge “Rooftop Blog” for the article. Also, I reviewed my own blog archive recently and we reminded of this New Years tip that I shared.  Still relevant today!

Have you set goals for 2013? If you want to share them with me, give me a call or send a message. Perhaps we can work on them together.  Wishing you the best for New Year!