The “So Now What?” Moment is Here

Last week, I gave you the stark news that the holidays are over and we arrived at “the morning after.” As a result, and maybe you’ve felt it too, the “So Now What?” moment is here.  

This past week alone I’ve coached executives who’ve said to me:

“Will they follow my lead?”
“Will they respect me?”
“How will I sound?”
“Everyone knows more than me”

Feedback Can Feed Worry

Last week I spoke about the importance of defining and declaring your developmental goals for 2015 and welcoming feedback. You can’t illicit the feedback you want without risking the above worries.

Questions to Restore Confidence

I coach people to understand that if your intention to contribute is genuine along with your connection to the topic at hand, how inappropriate/off base could your contribution be??
Ask yourself these questions to separate fear from fact:
1. Is this true?

2. How do I know this is true?

3. What objective evidence do I have that makes this worry true?

Make sure you’re comfortable with your contribution and go for it. Take and assimilate your feedback. And then let me know how it goes.