Using Video for Training

Let’s go to the video tape!  Those of you in New York will recall this famous, often-used line by long time sportscaster Warner Wolf. I realize most of my clients would prefer to be chased by a wolf than be videotaped.
However, I must say that after 25 years of videotaping and coaching executives there is no medium like it!

See Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Using videotape in training is a perfect, efficient way to highlight areas of a person’s presentation that need to be strengthened. Whether it be to a Board of Directors or one’s colleagues, you really can see where your communications succeed and where they drop off. Facial expressions, body language, tone, volume, appearance…they can all be easily seen through video. As they say, “the camera doesn’t lie.”

Hear the Points You Are Making

Certainly with video, you can see the areas of your physical delivery that can be stronger, from your eye contact to your level of physical involvement. However, beyond that you can listen for the clarity of the matter you’re discussing. Are you making well-reasoned, concise points? Would YOU be convinced by what you are seeing and hearing? If you see areas to improve, note them and try again….and again….and again. The beauty of video is that a) you can pinpoint specific areas that need improvement and b) no one ever has to see the footage but you!

Use Your Phone as a Training Tool

I video record my clients often and we will collaborate by watching the footage and critiquing areas that can be improved. However, once I’m gone, you can still benefit from recording yourself. All you have to do is angle your phone towards you at a desk and record away! Even better, role play with a colleague who will record you and act as your client.

Critiquing Yourself with Video

When recording yourself, your tendency upon review will be to find every little fault, every tick, every stutter, every “umm….”  Ok, get past that (though be conscious of them, of course). When reviewing your presentation, use the following training questions to really evaluate your performance:

  1. Am I inspired by my communication?
  2. Do I have the right level of physical involvement to inspire my listeners?
  3. Am I being clear?
  4. Is my communication organized from my listener’s POV?
  5. Am I off on a tangent?
  6. If I’m persuading someone, am I succeeding?
  7. Is the climate I’ve set appropriate?
  8. Am I having fun?
  9. Did I achieve what I set out to accomplish?
Try it and let me know how it goes.  Or, just send me the video!