Fearless Probing Questions

questions-1151886-640x480In my last post, I listed the 10 Worst Questions to Ask a Client. So, what questions should we be asking? Given the pressures so many of have on producing results it’s important to understand that the pressures we have, our clients have, too.  Therefore, to “serve” clients as an adviser, not a vendor, you must probe your clients with intimate questions, NOT peripheral ones.

Nice vs. Fearless Questions

I’ve got to acknowledge Ellen, my spouse for labeling this action with the term, fearless questions.
Its perfect for our conversation. You either have the confidence and homework done to ask fearless questions or you don’t. Asking these questions positions you as a determined solution provider by your veracity.

Too many consultants/business developers desire being liked over being respected. Focus on asking questions that bring respect to you for your insight and prescience.

Fearless questions make you deliberate and empathetic at the same time. To resolve the pressures your clients face you need to adopt these fearless questions into your repertoire.

Here’s an example:

Nice Question: What are your goals this year?

Fearless Question: From my research I see that your organization is rebranding itself, why is this essential now, given your competitive set?

Nice Question: What’s your plan to increase your market share?

Fearless Question: How much has your share eroded from this market loss?

The point is to illicit an emotion form your client that GETS THE FACTS OUT. Being nice doesn’t.

Have you been fearless with your questions lately? Tell me how by replying below. – SG