Changing Behavior to Achieve Goals

To paraphrase an often used quote, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” is what I believe is the definition of career stagnation. So often in coaching executives, a client and I come to a discovery; in order to grow, a person must give up a certain part of their business behavior to achieve their development goals.  Read more

Setting Goals: Make 2013 Better Than 2012

There is a great adage that says “Time and tide wait for no man.” I often think about this when I’m creating my new year’s business and personal goals.

I started this year by jumping ahead to December 2013, and determining what income and type of business I want by then. Then I determine what business I need to produce to achieve the end of year results I want. I also factor in fall out from certain clients (hyphenated?) business and that the income derived from them has to be replaced. My year-end goals factor this in so I have a business cushion when my goals are met.

On the personal growth side I review my aphorisms and reflect on how effective I’ve been with them, which ones I’m doing well with and which ones on which I’ve got to focus more.

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