Back to Sales Basics

In these turbulent times, companies are pivoting at nearly every turn, trying to keep their business moving forward while dealing with a mobile workforce, downsizing, and other disruptions. One trend I’ve seen is sales managers having to “roll up their sleeves” and get back into business development activities again. And while some might say it’s […]

How to Influence Others in Business

Above all else, it’s critical that you influence your clients and employees. A lot is made of “influencers” on social media…those who amass huge followings and can impact a brand’s sales and public opinion simply through posting their opinions. That’s not what we’re talking about here. Post COVID, our responsibility in business is to genuinely […]

Post-pandemic: Don’t Let Qualifiers Seep In!

As we all re-enter the world of meeting people, persuading them to understand and accept our recommendations, I’ve noticed that many of us have gone back to qualifying what we say. For example: “What I’d just like to just try and do today is to hopefully walk you through some suggestions that I think could […]

Returning to In-person Client Meetings

Today I’m back meeting with clients face to face! Yikes, it’s like Back to School…HAPPILY! Last night, though, I realized I needed to define how will I facilitate this training. What questions will I ask to re-enter my client’s world relationally and commercially empathetically to make a difference? Perhaps you are facing the same dilemma […]

Relationally Cross-Selling

My last blog focused on the “WHY” of cross-selling, this blog focuses on the “HOW.” Always remember cross-selling is good business. It credentials you as an advisor, not a vendor. Someone is going to sell this service to your client, the question is, will it be you? Even if it ultimately isn’t you, you’ve still […]

‘Tis the Season for Referrals!

Yikes! It’s April already! One of my greatest coaches once said to me, “If you can’t see your year by June, you’ve lost the year”. Even to this day when I remember him saying this, I still somewhat shudder. Yet, he was right! Jumping Ahead to Recovery Let’s look at 2021 pragmatically. All signs point to […]