What’s Your Transformation Point in 2023?

In traveling through Morocco, Madrid, and Milan at the start of the new year,  I’ve been struck by the humanity, ownership, and pride of others throughout my journey.

From the compassion and humanity of our hotel staff in Morocco to the pride of our flamenco dancers, I realized how focused and important their trade/art is to them. It defines them and the difference they make to others. It is their transformation point.

It got me thinking about what each of our transformation points are for the upcoming year.  And further, how will we bring this transformation to others?

Each time we present this transformation point, we’re saying, “This is who I am and how I care about you.” And if it’s coming from a genuine place, you will gain the attention and respect of those around you. Keep in mind…the opposite is true. If there is any degree of faking it or just saying what you think they want to hear, you’ll be found out and lose valuable trust points.

One of my transformation points in 2023 is that I will be someone who listens empathetically without bias and appreciates people’s life struggles before I craft a solution. I won’t just say this…in fact I likely won’t say it at all…they will just get that that’s what they can count on from me based on my actions.

Further to this, my second transformation point is to be a person of flexibility and patience. Already I’ve been amazed at how much more I understand about someone and even myself when I’ve been this way.

To determine/crystallize your Transformation Point answer these three questions:

  1. What is it I love to produce in my work?
  2. What promise will I make to each client I work with?
  3. How will I deliver on this promise?

From these questions, you will be able to define who are you for your clients, your employees, and other important people in your life. Remember that these transformation points aren’t about changing people’s opinions of you…it’s about changing how they see you showing up for them and the benefit they believe that to be for themselves.