Fear of Failure? Defend Yourself with Dilligence

Fear of failure affects all of us at some point. For so many of my clients, this fear comes to a head when they are engaging with their customers and clients.  It’s natural to worry a client will question your ability. How you prepare for that situation will make the difference.

Neutralize Their Doubts

You can neutralize the fear of a client finding your “Achilles heel” with a commitment to seeing through your client. What I mean by this is completing the diligence required to show up to a client meeting so prepared and curious that you impress a client with your insightful questions, eliminating any skepticism right from the start.

Study and React

Do this to study their responses, desires, challenges, and fears. It will open up many doors that will help you determine the level of engagement, connection and power your client truly has. Backed with this insight, you will be able to stand confidently with your knowledge and recommendations at the ready, targeted to their “pain points.”

Know Their Fears and Help

It is only then that you can synthesize their responses and segue to your solutions. Anything short of this and a client WILL see through you. What they could see through is your desire to sell your product/service rather than solve their real issues. Consider that their issues are their source of fear with their management team.  If you help allay those fears, you become their trusted adviser, putting you far ahead of your competition.

What do you fear today? What preparation can you do to eliminate the vulnerability those fears create?  Let me know if I can help you with it.