Sales Training Tip: Researching Clients for Success

Last week, I gave you some basic considerations when preparing for a client meeting. It takes a good amount of preparation and thought, yes?

As promised, this week I’ll list what I have found to be some useful required information that you must know before going into the meeting.  Know all of this and you’ll be set for a very successful, productive meeting.

Keep using these tools and you’ll find that you will rise above the rest to become your client’s most trusted advisor, not simply a vendor pushing his own agenda and products. Over the next few weeks, we’ll dive deeper into some of these so that you can realy put them to work to your advantage.

Client Information to Know BEFORE a Meeting:

  1. Your company’s history with the client.
  2. Client’s marketing goals.
  3. Sales trends affecting the client’s business.
  4. Market share currently captured by the client.
  5. Competition and their marketing activities.
  6. Pricing of the client’s products.
  7. Distribution network client uses.
  8. Target audience.
  9. Decision makers. (see link to my blog post about this)
  10. Everything you can!

Seems like a lot. But isn’t keeping a client, providing value, and securing a future that has you in the driver’s seat worth it. Next week, we’ll look at some of these things you need to know and dive down into how to got to know them!

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