Sales Training Tip: Sell to the Second Table

Decision Makers: Are They at the Table?

One of great opportunities in negotiating during a meeting is determining who sits at the “second” table from the current table at which you are sitting. You know that eventually you need a sales meeting with the decision maker. But do you know who it is and what their issues are?  Getting to the second table is not that difficult if you know how to position yourself with your day to day contact. The solution lies in probing.

Getting to the Sales Meeting Where the Sale is Made

When done correctly, probing makes it easy to reach the second table where the decision maker responsible for the “Go, No Go” decision sits.
It’s essential to first understand the goals and challenges of your day to day client. Once understanding them you can escalate the conversation by determining how your client wants to be perceived by his superior.

Ask questions such as:
What is important to you with this situation?
Who are the executives you will be presenting this opportunity to?
What are their issues with it?
What’s mission critical to them? Why?
How do you want them to view your efforts?
So that I’m clear, the people that will decide on this are X, Y , and Z?
I’ve presented ways your company will benefit from my solution. What other ways can you see?

These questions give you an understanding of who sits at the second table and how to present your recommendation to them.
Once you understand how your client thinks and what their values are, you can then discover the values of the decision makers.
Try determining the second table at your next client meeting and let me know.

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