Find Your Seat at the Table

Taking your seat at the table in business can be daunting.

There are naysayers, skeptics, and executives who feel their voice is the only voice required at that table.

Take the Opportunity

Some people feel its not worth the fight and resign themselves to a quieter, non-involved role.

The question to ask is; “Am I representing myself the way I always wanted to be perceived or am I letting this opportunity pass me by?” Credentialing yourself is always important, it’s how people and businesses thrive. Credentialing always has risk…so does resigning your contribution.

Endure and Persevere

As a coach, my desire is that my clients fight through this resignation and discover their place at the business table. The labyrinth you go through is always worth it. You learn about yourself and your ability to endure more than you thought possible.

Many years ago the great tennis player Bill Tilden said, “At one point in a match one player exerts his will over another player and at that point, its a just a matter of playing out the points.

What is critical is one’s tenacity and desire to be heard over the noise of others. At some point people will listen and you’ve won your seat at the table.