What I’m Learning About Virtually Communicating and Coaching

Yes, virtual communication during this Covid era is still with us. And I believe it will be long after the virus is at bay. I used to say to myself, just get used to it.

Now, nearly two years into this next normal, I’ve said to myself: Get better at it!

And I believe I have. Always more skills to discover and learn to improve. But so far, here’s what I’ve learned about distance learning and coaching.

How I Am Improving Virtual Communication, Training, and Coaching

  • I’ve got to look directly into the camera to illustrate my empathy and desire to connect. Virtual eye contact is better than none at all!
  • Being clearer and simpler with my agendas and data points has improved my meeting flow. It’s difficult to follow someone who is not organized and thoughtful about managing others’ time. Therefore, when I begin a session, I will state the agenda of the meeting and then ask others for their agreement and other topics they feel are germane.
  • When I cede the floor to someone, I gain the floor back by restating their most salient point to illustrate I heard them and respect them. My hope is they will do the same in return.
  • My delivery level is 1.5x stronger virtually. I’ll explain. Over the past few months, I’ve demonstrably increased my enthusiasm and engagement with my content. What I’ve noticed from this lift in my own delivery style is that others are more engaged and more conversational vs. interacting on autopilot. What this says to me is YOU and I can set the tone for the meeting, not others. This is important. Our level of engagement moves others to engage at a higher level.
  • I check-in more. After a few points are made, I will ask people for their feedback/opinion of what I’ve just put forth. It gives me an important window into their assimilation of what I’ve just shared.
  • When I’m asked a question, I repeat or rephrase it. It gives me time to answer it and it takes control back from the person who asked the question.

Try these techniques. They work!

What have YOU learned that has helped you communicate virtually? Share in the comments.