Know Your True Line

McKinsey & Co. recently wrote about the importance of understanding people’s feelings of loss and anxiety due to COVID. As a leader, you owe it to your directs to have this level of understanding as we enter Q4.

My father as a surgeon always said, “You never treat one patient the same as the next. Every person is different.” Therefore, you cannot hold back your desire to understand a direct’s personal and business situation. And you must put action behind this desire.

Years ago a coach of mine taught me to be interested, then interesting with all people. Now’s the time to employ this to get your team’s head on straight for 2022. When you do, you provide an open opportunity to transform someone’s spirit!

Defining and Understanding Your Perspective

When I speak about knowing your True Line, I mean your personal perspective that impacts how you make decisions, guide your teams, and map the future. It’s critical that you have this personal understanding so that you can relate your own vision to the way you are managing your team and individuals.

As an example from my own life, last week I touched base with a client who has thoroughly impressed me with her desire to test new actions so that she can personally develop. We focused on networking a few years back and she demonstrably succeeded at it!

Last week, I found out she had lost a loved one due to COVID and was trying to reestablish her business from this upsetting event. My True Line came to me, which is that I do what I do so that I can help people realize their full potential and make a difference. With that in mind, I said to myself, “I’ve gotta help her. She’s a champion who wants to reengage and can get it back.”

We spoke about her gift to people and how to present her gift once again as a commitment to helping others, regardless of the outcome. She brightened up and realized her “gift” again.

Through conversation and truly being interested in another’s life, you can empower them in a way that they can’t on their own. In this lies the dignity of contribution. You, as their leader, hold a position of great influence as your directs discover their power.

So, what is your True Line? Need help defining it. Let me know and we’ll get there together.