When You Hit the Q4 Wall

Recently, a dear friend and client texted me with some alarming news…he had hit a wall. He said that he’d lost his way, didn’t have anyone in his life that cared about him, and didn’t want to go to work at all.

His life/business resignation was palpable and a cry for help. After a very long text and conversation, he got back to a more balanced way to engage with life.

From this incident, I got to thinking…this feeling could arise in any of us at any time. And at the end of a tumultuous 2021, you may encounter several walls that seem insurmountable.

This is especially important to discuss and try to preempt. Now is the time to begin to set your sights on 2022 and how you’ll engage with life and clients more personably given the slow ebbing of the virus. Anticipating that you may hit a wall (or two…or more), is part of understanding how you will finish strong, setting up momentum for 2022.

When You Hit a Wall…Give, Love, and Serve

What I shared with my dear friend is that it’s normal to hit a wall. The question, though, is what we do when it happens.

What’s ironic with my friend is that thirty years ago, his life motto was, “Give, Love, Serve.” I shared that with him because it was and still is a life motto of mine when the going gets tough. What that motto says to me is to place your attention on others and from this, you will be taken care of. It has served me very well lo these years.

Get Out of the Way to Make a Difference

Second, I reminded my friend of the difference he makes in people’s lives by his profession and that by surrendering to his client’s wellbeing, he’d be lifted up from that difference he made. Focusing on their issues allows you to get out of your own way and continue to make meaningful connections that lead to results.

As we go through the remainder of this year and begin to plan our business strategies for 2022, it’s essential to:

  • Put others before ourselves
  • Recognize and be proud of the difference we make with clients
  • Acknowledge that are always more of them to serve and build connections
  • Find business solutions that solve real client challenges
  • Become prescient/look into 2022 and initiate recommendations you truly believe will help your client’s business
  • Start listening NOW for Q1 solutions

If you’ve hit a wall, let me know…we’ll get through it by serving others.