Seven Steps for Handling Objections

“I object!”

Your clients are probably not that direct with your team. But often, clients will question your recommendations or the direction your team is suggesting. How well do they handle those situations?

Many times, I am brought in to strengthen a team or individual’s resolve and help them turn those situations into opportunities to demonstrate their intelligence, reasoning and strategic thinking. It takes a calmness that comes from confidence. And we can build that by following these seven steps.

How to Handle Objections

Be Clairvoyant: Do your homework! It’s essential to your confidence level that you study your client’s history, knowing their goals, challenges, and values to preempt their questions. Know what they are going to object to in advance…and have an answer ready.

Relax and Empathize: Way too often, we will tighten up upon being asks a series of questions. Don’t! It is far better to empathize with a client as though they were the patient in the hospital and you were the doctor. Listen to their questions and acknowledge them. The client will sense and appreciate your empathy.

Focus on Your Questioner: Don’t look away from your questioner as he/she asks their question, it shows you’re not interested in their concern. Repeat or rephrase a question to gain some time to think about your response. But always stay engaged with them using good eye contact.

Clarify the Question: If you don’t understand their objection or question, you can’t possibly counter it. So, make sure you get them to clarify their point. Many times this second, or third, round of questions is where you get to the true heart of the matter.

Keep It Short: More is not better. You should be able to clearly articulate your counter point in thirty to forty five seconds. The more you say, the more I worry!

Get “Into” Your Answer: Put some energy into your responses, demonstrating your conviction. Enjoy each response, show alacrity, it will be as remembered as your content.

Enjoy the adventure and let me know how it goes.