The Courage to Close

People get funny about closing negotiations, deals, interviews, meetings, etc. Nerves take over, body language changes and confidence erodes. Why is this?  I’ll tell you…it’s because closing is inorganic for most people. It feels forced. And that should never be the case. When it feels uncomfortable for you to close it’s likely because you have […]

Top Sales and Leadership Blog Posts in 2017

What a year! I cannot recall a year in recent memory that had so many ups and downs…and a few sidewayses thrown in there too! At this time of reflection while we moved into the new year, I want to thank you for taking time to read my blog. It is an honor writing it […]

Where the Airlines Fail, You Must Succeed

This holiday season, millions of people will take to the skies to visit family and friends. It will all go smoothly, right? One look at the massive construction at New York’s LaGuardia airport or the recent pilot scheduling snafu at American Airlines belies the reality…the air travel industry’s image has morphed from the lap of […]

The Arrogance of Selling

This blog/message is written as a reminder for you..and me. You know that swagger you have when you walk into a client’s office ready to present your product/service? STOP IT! Start walking in with a presence of curiosity and support, not surety. It’s implicit that you know and can defend your offering. However, that’s not […]

10 Things to Know About Your Clients

If you’ve followed my blog over the years, you know how much I stress doing your homework. It’s critical. When dealing with smaller companies, this task is mostly manageable. However, with larger companies, you may find that the challenge isn’t getting enough information…it’s getting enough of the RIGHT information. To help, I’ve narrowed the focus […]

Get Involved…or Get Out!

Hold onto your hats…this post will sting a bit. Business Development leaders, what are you doing each day to make your team a team of green berets? Are you on the sidelines reporting their achievements or are you on the field shaping their achievements? Too often I’m finding leaders are on the sidelines, tracking progress […]