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Giving Thanks for Clients

This holiday season I will be thanking my clients and followers.  While the time will come to plan for next year, and hopefully grow your business, this is the time to thank those who helped you get to where you are.  It’s important to acknowledge each and every relationship we have in business…or they won’t […]

Coaching Employees: Show Them You Care

I’ve coached many leaders and the one area that often is a blindspot is the area of deliberately caring about each direct report they have. Many times I’m involved in situations where leaders have been directing their teams but haven’t built up any coaching equity. They merely set the team’s direction and monitor the output/deliverables […]

What Is a Mentor (and Can You Be One)?

Mentors are often assigned, but often not successful. Throughout my client base I have begun coaching mentors on …how to mentor. It’s been my experience that rarely does a mentor understand their importance and the gift they have just been given. Coaching and shaping another person is an important responsibility. It requires a formal set of observations […]

Developing Working Relationships with Millennials

Remember those millennials we’ve been speaking about? In a recent blog post on developing your future leaders, I spoke of the importance of understanding how to relate and develop younger executives on your team. Lets look externally now. Whether you are in corporate sales, private equity or retail sales, meeting and creating professional relationships with this […]