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Interview Like a Consultant

Jobs change…they come, they go, they get eliminated, they get created…like business roulette! Mission critical for all of us is to stay on top of the wave. If we miss it, we’ve got to find the next one…fast! Get Ready for the Head Change When that job change comes, do your best to interview like a […]

Am I Right?…Am I Right? – The Good & Bad About Checking In

When communicating an idea or recommendation, it is essential to check in. However, it’s “how” you do it that makes all the difference. Can you ask “Am I right?” No. That’s not appropriate…well…pretty much ever! You can, though, when you are speaking with a direct report, client or colleague, ask relational check-in questions. Asking Relational Questions Relational […]

Keep Your Problem Clients Closer

My grandfather, and I expect many of yours, always counseled me: “Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.” I counsel my clients to consider this adage when dealing with their most troublesome clients and business associates. You know the ones…they offer their opinions constantly, practice inactive listening and have an air of superiority that […]