Do I Have the Right Team?

I hear this question every week and enjoy determining with my clients if they, in fact, have the right team in place. It’s possible that they may need to further shape and develop certain members of the team to match the current times. And that’s a challenge.

But there are ways to keep evolving based on what your team is doing today. Read more

New Managers: How To Fit In

When managers are brought in, assigned or moved to another department, it upsets the apple cart a bit. Perhaps you have been, or are, that manager now. How do you fit in? Read more

Executive Development: It’s Not Me…It’s Them

Recently, I began coaching a bright, articulate head of M&A of a financial services organization.

His 360 Degree Feedback Report was quite eye-opening in that most of his peers did not speak very favorably of him. Seemingly inconsistent with that feedback, he spoke very highly of them and was sure they would do the same for him.

Upon reviewing the Report with him he said, “it’s the job that illicited these comments, not me.” For a moment, I was taken aback with his response.

I remember saying to him, “Really? It’s the job not you?” And he reinforced his belief.

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