Leadership Development Tip: Leading Isn’t Blinking

Declare Your Position and Stand by It

My leadership development clients are often in position to make recommendations.  I tell them that delivering a client recommendation is all about taking a stand and presenting your idea declaratively, no matter what.

Some executives feel that being too declarative is arrogant. I disagree.


A strong leader will make a client recommendation after understanding the client’s goals and challenges.  The counsel is not made in a vacuum, but based on experience, knowledge and strategic thinking.  When you have thoroughly and relationally understood your client’s business situation, you have a responsibility to put forth a solution, one that you truly believe will help their business. You can’t blink on this, you have declare it.  Do otherwise and they’ll start to question whether you believe in what you are suggesting.  And that weakens your “trusted advisor” status.

So, next time…don’t blink.  Give it to them straight. And then when you’ve got their attention, it’s time to force their hand [follow link to see what I mean].

btw….do you know why we blink?  Here’s an explanation.

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