Lead People to Look Inside, not Out

Every time you observe a Direct’ s client interaction, realize it’s an opportunity for you to coach and develop. Too often we’ll forget to debrief a Direct on what they did well and what they can strengthen. If you coach them correctly, they may lead you to new ways to help them develop.

Acknowledgment Creates Results

Acknowledge a Direct’ s positive behavior every chance you get, it will anchor it in them. Choose your moments carefully when you debrief on developmental behaviors. By carefully I mean when the time is right for you and them. This makes a difference. You want your Direct to feel/know it is a positive conversation and one that will contribute to their growth.  

Let Them Lead You to Solutions

As you pinpoint a developmental area ask your Direct questions that have them look inside themselves for the source of this developmental behavior. Quite often your Direct will lead you to what they’re struggling with, something that they’ve never acknowledged before.

The key here is it’s their acknowledgement…not yours. Their declared behavior is 100% more powerful than your declaration of it. In truth, once they declare it’s a behavior they desire to transform you now have the opportunity to partner with them to transform it with their authorship!